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Upgrade your discord server with these amazing features!

Welcome new members to your server

Use CalDa to welcome new members to your server. You can customize the welcome message with changeable background in upcoming patches!

Reward members for being active

Use our levels system to reward members for their activity in your server. Use Leaderboard command to get the Top 10 user levels of the server members. You can also use level command to get a personal rank card.

Keep your server safe and clean

CalDa has and advanced moderation system which you can timeout, ban, kick members with ease.
CalDa also deletes scam links send in any server or channel and aves the users from being scamed.
You can choose a channel where CalDa will notify your moderators whenever someone joins the server, deletes a message, and much more!
Make moderation easier with CalDa's moderation commands to keep your server safe.

Listen to music with your friends (Upcoming)

Listen to high quality music with your friends in your Discord server by streaming music from a wide range of platforms.

Advanced Ticket System with transcripts

With an Advanced Ticket system it will be easy for you to manage tickets. It also supports transcripts.

Easily manage the roles in your server (Upcoming)

Use the reaction roles feature to give your community the option to select roles to be pinged for announcements, to access hidden channels, or just to identify themselves.

Make community interact easier

CalDa has an awesome list of social commands that let your members interact with each other in a more meaningful way and bring activity to your server.
Host giveaways, create polls, self roles and announce!

And so much more

CalDa also has other amazing features such as AFK messages, reminders, repeating messages, social media integrations, invite tracking, game statistics, search commands, [Patch .0.0 for Social Integrations, Invite Tracker, Game Statistics ]...

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